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Winning the Customer Experience: Enhancing Field Service with Knowledge Management (WEBINAR)

Click here to watch the recorded webinar.

Whether a field technician fixing a home appliance, a salesperson upselling a new product at a customer’s home, or a healthcare professional providing medical care at an elderly home – customer experience is determined by the field service’s pace, efficiency, and ability to solve problems on the spot.

The growing competition over the customer’s heart and wallet, coupled with the complexity of field service management, makes knowledge management a vital tool in ensuring “the last mile” of field service.

Led by Asperii, a global leading Salesforce consulting partner and a field service expert, and KMS Lighthouse, a leading provider of cutting-edge knowledge management solutions, this webinar will provide valuable information and insights about optimizing field service with knowledge management, with a focus on Salesforce Field Service Lightning.

If you are a field service leader running FSL or considering implementing FSL, this webinar is for you.

On the agenda:

Getting Field Service Right: How to Bring the Right Person to the Right Place at the Right Time:

Gilad Liptz, Vice President Global Business Development, Asperii will discuss the challenges of providing great service. He will deep dive into the 5 best practices that ensure your field service organization can deliver best-in-class customer service, from the time an end-customer places a request for service, until service is completed successfully.

Optimizing FSL with knowledge management:

Doron Gower, Chief Solution Architect of KMS Lighthouse will share some vital tips on how to take advantage of our Knowledge Management tool within Salesforce to provide instant answers and guidance to remote workers.Closing Remarks and Q&A

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