Asperii deploys field service management, enabling Just Ask Estate Services to dramatically improve performance of field personnel and cut costs

reduction in labour costs per work
field personnel teams
reduction in supervisor time onsite

Just Ask Estate Services is a leading facilities management company providing services to over 90,000 homes and institutions in the UK.

The Company initiated a strategic business expansion that required a Field Service Management solution (FSM) that is easily scalable, with enhanced analytics, monitoring and reporting.

Part of the challenge was to deploy an FSM system to manage and optimize schedules and routing for 600 field personnel working across 200 teams. They also needed a solution that will scale easily with the Company’s rapid growth and enable remote worker supervision.

It was important for them to maintain the Company’s lead in a competitive market through positive customer experience based on responsive service and comprehensive analytics and reporting.

Team schedules are optimized for regular and ad hoc response work, with schedule details sent directly to field workers via mobile phones.


Just Ask Services recognized the benefit of Field Service Lightening (FSL), both in terms of robustness and scalability and its easy integration with the Salesforce CRM. After reviewing a number of FSM providers, Just Ask chose Asperii to deploy its FSL project.

Asperii initiated the project with an in depth analysis of goals and how to achieve them,including a three-day requirements workshop.
Asperii developed the FSM system and integrated it into the Salesforce platform.

The new system provides real-time reporting and photographic Proof of Service for enhanced customer experience.

Team schedules are optimized for regular and ad hoc response work, with schedule details sent directly to field workers via mobile phones. Routing is automated and optimized, with jobs allocated according to proximity to minimize time on the road.

Field workforce productivity and service duration is monitored over time.

  • Over 10% increase in work time at customer sites (from 70-75% to 87%).
    17% reduction in travel time and 26% in fuel usage.
  • 75% reduction in central office visits by field teams as most admin work moved online.
  • 60% reduction in supervisor time onsite.
  • Improved team morale and performance and as a result of added visibility of work onsite.
  • 12% reduction in labour costs per work. For a company relying solely on
    field service for its business, this constitutes significant savings.
We thought we were running a tight ship, but streamlining the way we deliver services enabled us to increase efficiency and reduce resource use to an extent we couldn’t imagine was possible."
Yan Simpson |
IT Development Manager, Just Ask Estate Services Ltd

We invest in our communities and residents with a vision is to deliver better places and better lives by providing employment, education and training opportunities for our residents.

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