Since implementing FSL, Pod Point has been able to optimize its scheduling, improve engineer productivity and reclaim £25,000 of unused inventory

increase of engineer productivity
increased gov't grants by
charging points nationwide

Bring external inventory and scheduling solutions into the company’s existing Salesforce ecosystem, so as to have all information in one place, without having to maintain unreliable integrations.

Track and optimize scheduling to enable more accurate forecasting.
Institute a clear checklist for technicians to follow in the field.
Monitor inventory to avoid costly parts and equipment sitting idle between jobs.
Maximize success of applications for government grants claimed by the company on behalf of clients to help pay for their vehicle charging points (£500 of the £800 unit price is eligible to be covered by the grant).

Finding that most engineers were achieving only 80% utilization, the company was able to use the data to gain insight into the kind of work being carried out and how much of it was revenue generating.


Pod Point identified FSL as the efficient, systematic, lean solution that could help it achieve all its goals, and asked Asperii to work with its developers in India to plan and design the necessary customized elements of the solution.

The new FSL app was then easily and quickly rolled out to 50 field engineers, with 10 in-house dispatchers/ schedulers using the scheduling function.

Since go-live, data from FSL has been enabling Pod Point to track and make decisions about utilization, a key metric for a business focused on operations. Finding that most engineers were achieving only 80% utilization, the company was able to use the data to gain insight into the kind of work being carried out and how much of it was revenue generating. This understanding has enabled improved scheduling and forecasting, with more accurate time estimates per job making it possible to create schedules weeks, if not months, in advance. As well as analysing these metrics per technician, regional results were also derived to see which areas of the country were generating revenue.
With custom logic added into FSL, Pod Point technicians are now able to break down each job into individual tasks, with the inventory required for each clearly noted. This means that engineers can make sure to have the correct parts with them, the company no longer has cash tied up in products that aren’t being used, and inventory records at HQ are automatically kept up to date.

Technicians are also able to use the FSL app to quickly and easily collect information relevant to the grant application – a photograph of the unit, details of the customer’s electricity supply and set up, security/ safety measures, vehicle registration number and even their signature – helping more customers claim government funding for their charging points.

In terms of budget, FSL is proving to be very cost-effective. Whilst it does cost more than what the company was paying with its previous combination of solutions, there is immense value in having those features and more contained in one, streamlined system.


Resource Schedule Optimization facilitated by using FSL to schedule as many jobs as possible towards the start of the day has freed up 60 hours a day across a team of 25 technicians – a 25% increase in the number of days that could accommodate an extra job coming in later in the day.

A full inventory-checking exercise with all Pod Point engineers enabled the company to reclaim £25,000 worth of inventory that had been sitting unused in warehouses. The company expects to be able to reclaim about £5,000 worth of unused inventory every quarter going forward.

The amount of time spent by engineer in productive work has increased by an estimated 20%.
Pod Point has increased its average government grant success rate by 40%.

Pod Point is the UK's leading provider of electric vehicle charging. The company has manufactured and sold over 40,000 charging points at hundreds of charging stations nationwide.

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