Asperii changed the way RJS Pest Management does business, streamlining processes, optimizing time in the field, reducing costs and improving client relationships

reduction in staff dispatching time
growth in business
improved customer retention rate

RJS Pest Management provides commercial pest control services to large-scale businesses in the New York City metropolitan area. RJS required a new automated field service system, and as field services are its single revenue source it was important to deploy a reliable system and do it quickly. As part of its modernization efforts and for future proofing, RJS also required integration of the new system with its CRM.

Their challenges were:

  • Upgrade to a faster more reliable field service system with minimal bugs.
  • Deploy a system that can be customized and implemented quickly and inexpensively, for a small company without in-house IT and software teams.
  • Integrate the Company CRM with the field service solution.
  • Optimize the use of the field technician time.
  • Improve analytics and business-intelligence capabilities in order to gain actionable insights.
  • Improve customer communication during work in progress and for completed projects.

The customized reporting enabled RJS to see the serviced sites from anywhere and give technicians the most up-to-date information on clients.


After an initial solution fell short of expectations, RJS turned to Asperii for help. Asperii learned RJS’s requirements and advised on implementing the Salesforce Field Service Lightning (FSL) platform.

Asperii’s experience in deploying FSL assured the solution would be operational within weeks.

FSL’s routing engine was especially valuable for RJS in identifying high-value prospects in work areas, enabling the company to optimally schedule incoming ad hoc service requests.

The customized reporting provides full real time data visibility for any client, enabling RJS to see the serviced sites from anywhere and giving technicians the most up-to-date information on clients.

Field technicians capture before-and-after images to inform clients on what was done, and to point to problems such as areas overflowing with garbage.

Upgrades are done in-house without any specialized IT or coding knowledge.

  • 81% reduction in staff dispatching and rerouting time (from 8 hours to 1.5 hours weekly per field worker).
  • 50% year-on-year growth in business in the first three years, 20% thereafter.
  • 60% customer retention rate, enabled through improved communications.
  • The whole organization now has a 360-degree view of each customer. End users are empowered to instantly run their own reports with the most accurate and up-to-date data.
  • RJS deploys ongoing system improvements suggested by technicians, increasing productivity and efficiency without need to pay for IT staff or SW development.
Asperii had crystal-clear understanding of our requirements and developed a game plan that fitted perfectly with our needs. Great team, great execution and great results."
Mike Malan |
Director, RJS Pest Management

Founded in 2005, RJS Pest Management has been providing commercial pest control services to businesses in the New York City metropolitan area for nearly a decade.

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