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Diverse experience in diverse industries

Asperii has accumulated far-reaching knowledge of business processes across a wide scope of industries. After solving similar operational challenges in different industries we’ve developed our own set of best practices, tried and tested, to overcome cross-vertical scenarios.

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Healthcare Services

Enabling flexible scheduling

The healthcare industry is transforming rapidly. Organizations providing healthcare services need to transition to a connected mode for interacting with their customers and managing their caregiver ecosystem. This transition needs to be supported by a viable system.

Asperii offers a comprehensive solution for healthcare providers to manage caregivers and their complex scheduling requirements including:

  1. Recurring visitations
  2. Matching of patient and caregiver requirements
  3. Ad-hoc replacements
  4. Auction-style scheduling for contract workers
  5. Integration with public transportation


Enhancing plan & manage capabilities

Media and broadcasting companies need to efficiently manage massive teams of internal employees and external contract workers, on top of equipment, across multiple sites. They need an all-inclusive workforce management solution that solve both demand and supply, as well as real-time, on-site management of events.

Asperii offers a 360 solution for media companies for in-studio and off-site event planning and management including:

  1. Pre-defined event templates
  2. Event demand creation for resources, equipment and budget requirements
  3. Resource availability mechanism for contract workers
  4. Advanced scheduling
  5. Mobile interface for workforce communication
  6. Real-time event management dashboard


Delivering connectivity-anywhere

Telecommunication companies are at the cusp of innovation as the networks and services they provide literally enable the always-connected lifestyle of the 21st century. To support their customers, telecommunication companies need to erect and maintain massive infrastructures that require heavy-duty service and field service solutions.

Asperii offers a grounded solution for telco companies managing large-scale field operations heavy on resources including:

  1. Scheduling logic tailored to deal with a high number of resources
  2. Flexible management dashboard
  3. Partner Community for the management of external contractors
  4. Consolidation of business processes and integration with legacy systems
  5. Adoption and training module


Enabling seamless customer interactions

Retailers are tasked with upending their operation to accommodate the changing needs of customers in light of the New Normal. The goal is combining the brick-and-mortar and online operations into a single, and satisfying, experience for their customers.

Asperii offers a diverse solution for retailers to tackle the unique requirements of instore customer interactions including:

  1. Concurrent scheduling capabilities for in-store appointments
  2. Curbside pickup and delivery mechanism
  3. Custom customer-facing application and web UI in line with the brand’s language
  4. Customer notifications via text and email


Driving higher customer engagement

Car showrooms have transformed from walk-ins to appointment-based customer interactions. There is now a need for a strong system to manage appointment-based bookings that allows timely and effective service.

Asperii offers a dynamic solution for showroom operators that enables smart scheduling, booking and dispatching of resources and vehicles for sales appointments and test drives including:

  1. Full visibility for call center of all resources and vehicles availability across multiple showrooms
  2. Complex triple-scheduling logic of sales reps, drivers, and vehicles
  3. Dynamic offering for customers of alternative time and location
  4. Travel time module for maximized utilization of resources and vehicles
  5. System availability for call center and individual showrooms alike

Facility Management

Reducing cost of service

Facility management and maintenance relies on field personnel and needs to support large teams that are always on the move. Monitoring is a crucial element to achieve optimized scheduling and have the ability for ad-hoc response.

Asperii offers a comprehensive solution for maintenance and repair companies to maximize their resource utilization including:

  1. Resource scheduling optimized for ongoing and ad-hoc response work
  2. Automated routing based on proximity
  3. Real-time monitoring of field workers’ productivity and task duration
  4. Custom ‘Proof of Service’ module for real time reporting

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