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Is your organization ready for ClickSoftware’s end of life?

While Dec. 31st, 2023 is the date you should count down to, the truth is, your time is already running out to prepare the next step. To keep your Field Service Management software running after the countdown reaches zero, you need to start planning and executing right away. No matter whether your organization runs on ClickSoftware in the cloud or on-premises, if you want to maintain optimized operations with best-in-class customer service, the time to act is now.

You could build a completely new field service solution from scratch customized to your needs while transitioning to the most advanced solution in the market: Salesforce Field Service. This solution was built by Salesforce using the original ClickSoftware engine. So, migrating to Salesforce seems like the logical next step. It’s also the faster solution allowing you to focus on what matters most and avoid working under pressure.

Your other option is to stay on with your existing platform for a little while yet, with Asperii’s support.

What Are Your Options?


Ensure Successful Migration with Expert Guidance

Migration is still a highly complex task and it is best performed with the proper guidance. Most organizations are familiar with the Salesforce platform but lack knowledge when it comes to ClickSoftware functionality. As a result, they run into complications when trying to develop and deploy SFS on their own. The costs spiral out of control, and so does the timeline.

The alternative is to consult an expert from the beginning. Someone who knows both Salesforce and ClickSoftware inside out, has experience implementing and customizing field service software, a partner who can help you plan time and costs realistically and stick to the plan.


Keep Your Operations Running with Asperii's Support

Choosing to stay with ClickSoftware is another good choice, but it also requires a good team behind the scenes. While the ClickSoftware platform is reaching End-of-Life this coming December, you can’t afford to be left without support for your Field Service operations.

That is why Asperii is offering interim support for companies not yet ready to make a move to Salesforce Field Service. 

We will provide support for the existing legacy system and give you a little bit more time to make arrangements for a more permanent move.

Why Asperii?

Asperii was founded a decade ago by former ClickSoftware executives. In 2011, When ClickSoftware was mounted on the Salesforce platform to make it native, Asperii’s experts were hired to carry out the complex task.

Asperii has over ten years of experience implementing ClickSoftware and Salesforce Field Service Management solutions and extensive experience in successful migrations from ClickSoftware to SFS. Among our customers are large enterprises and global market leaders.

Our field service specialists have developed the unique tools and translation methodology needed to build on and improve ClickSoftware’s solution within the Salesforce platform.

Salesforce is a superior, innovative, cutting-edge platform and when you choose Asperii as your partner for the road, you take Service to the next level.

Go beyond migration. Revolutionize!

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