Asperii’s ClickSoftware “Service Optimization” v8.x Extended Support Solutions

Keep Your Service Optimization v8.x System Secure and Functional with Asperii’s Expert Support

ClickSoftware’s “Service Optimization” v8.x users were informed that the official support for Service Optimization v8.x ends on December 31, 2023. This means that customers still using this version will no longer receive official support from ClickSoftware, leaving them at risk of system issues and vulnerabilities

There are two solutions for “Service Optimization” v8 on-prem customers: migration to Salesforce Field Service (SFS) or remaining in the current platform with limited support for the on-premise version. Cloud customers, however, will be forced to migrate at the end of the year.

Asperii can help migrate to the new platform or provide support by offering workarounds or customization options. Asperii is also providing support for Click on-premise customers using earlier versions.

The reason why some customers are still using ClickSoftware ‘Service Optimization‘ v8.x is simply that it works. However, this also comes with risks, such as system failure due to upgrades or missing features, for example, an operating system upgrade that will affect your work and the system’s seamless function. While some features in Click are not in Salesforce, some are scheduled, such as enhanced task dependencies and the development of additional features will continue under the Salesforce hat.

Asperii can customize some of the required functionality to overcome gaps in the product, but not all of it. Therefore, customers will need to review their processes to see if they can make changes to overcome gaps in the product. You can find more information on this process here.


While there are risks associated with using an unsupported system, Asperii can help customers overcome gaps in the product by customizing some of the required functionality. If you are a ClickSoftware ‘Service Optimization’  v8.x customer and need extended support, Asperii can help you.