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Recurring Absence:
Add-on for Salesforce Field Service

What is Recurring Absence?

Recurring Absence allows your dispatcher or planner to easily create recurring non-availability activities such as meetings, training, or absences for one or more of your Field Service resources.

The Recurring Absence comes as an add-on for SFS solution.

* At the moment, this capability isn’t available as part of the Salesforce Field Service out-of-the box product.


  1. Easily create recurring non-availability activities through a familiar and intuitive interface
  2. Increased efficiency for dispatchers and planners

How It Works

The Recurring Absence is accessed from the SFS user screen.

Recurring absences can be created for a specific time, date, and can be customized to include an individual or an entire team. In situations where there is a need to change the recurring absence schedule, they can be adjusted on either an occurrence or series level.


Create Recurring Absences for:

  • a single resource
  • a group of resources

Ability to update:

  • a single or multiple absences
  • an entire series of absences

Start Planning Better Today

You can have Recurring Absence up and running quickly and relieve the pain of repetitive manual work

Learn more and schedule a demo right here.

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