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A Custom Module for Salesforce Field Service

What is the TestDrive Module

TestDrive, developed by Apserii, is an efficiency solution for car dealerships with multiple showrooms. It maximizes revenue from test cars by implementing automated scheduling logic which optimizes test
car usage by consolidating the schedules of sales reps, vehicles, and test drivers. All schedules can be accessed through the custom TestDrive module by both showrooms and call centers to enable optimized efficiency for test drives and personnel.


  • Increase test drives per car
  • Guaranteed vehicle availability
  • Reduce lead time from scheduling to test drive
  • Enable test drive scheduling through call centers
  • Optimized vehicle usage across multiple showrooms

Scheduling Scenarios

The Test Drive module can be configured to support different appointment needs with specified time slots for the various resources.

Showroom Appointment

Optimized scheduling for sales rep, vehicle, and test driver eliminates customer wait time.

At-home appointment

Optimized scheduling for both vehicle and sales reps eliminates the possibility of scheduling a conflicting test drive while the vehicle is in use.

Booking by Call Center

Call-centers can schedule either showroom or at-home test drives and guarantee that the vehicle will be available when the customer arrives.

Vehicle Availability at Multiple Showrooms

TestDrive’s logic prevents any appointments from being booked in a showroom if the vehicle is not scheduled to be at that specific location.


  • Visibility into customer records and information in Salesforce
  • Optimization of vehicle usage for multiple showrooms
  • Scheduling of vehicle relocation between showrooms
  • Automated scheduling of sales rep, vehicle, and test driver for in-showroom appointments
  • Automated scheduling of vehicle and test driver for at-home appointments

Drive Up Your Dealership’s Efficiency

You can have the Test Drive module up and running within a few weeks and optimize your dealership’s efficiency.

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