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End-to-End Implementation of Service Cloud & Field Service Solutions based on the Salesforce Platform

We thoroughly understand the business and technical processes that drive service management and how they interconnect to every facet of your organization. We know how to enhance the Salesforce platform with a solution tailored to your unique business needs and deliver a smooth, end-to-end implementation.

Planning & Strategizing

We’ll reimagine together your operation as it should be.

  • 01.

    Service Operation Strategy Visioning

    Identifying where your service operation is at the moment and providing a vision to where it can go. After agreeing on a vision, crafting a strategy to achieve it.

  • 02.

    Requirement Gathering

    Functional, systematic and technical requirements are gathered from the various stakeholders to be used as the main building blocks of the solution and for identifying the Minimum Viable Product (MVP).

  • 03.

    Design Specifications

    Based on building blocks and business flows, creation of a detailed design for each business flow, from UI/UX to object models, fields and attributes.

Implementation & Integration

We won’t say it works like magic, but it’s pretty close to it.

  • 01.

    Project Management

    Agile implementation model that prefers the delivery of working software over comprehensive documentation, enabling stakeholders to provide concrete feedback.

  • 02.

    Solution Implementation

    Small incremental releases with each release building on previous functionality. Every release goes through the phases of Detailed Design, Build and Testing; releases are thoroughly tested to ensure software quality.

  • 03.

    System Integration and Data Migration

    The process of deploying the software - testing and debugging the integration layer to assure it meets the business needs; integration functionality is also delivered in iterations.

  • 04.

    Code Customization

    R&D steps in to fill in the gap of missing functionalities in the Salesforce platform by custom-develop custom solutions that answer business challenges.

  • 05.

    Training and Adaption

    Creation of training materials and running of training workshops, change management activities and user adaption management – all to ensure a seamless transition to new system.

  • 06.

    DevOps (CI/CD)

    Support for CI/CD pipelines and cloud infrastructure.

  • 07.


    Set up of information delivery framework to deliver effective reporting and achieve informed, data-based decision-making.

Review & Support

As the saying goes, we’ve only just begun…

  • 01.

    Solution Review and Fine-tuning

    While using the already-deployed system, a review of defined processes and tailored solution to identify areas where performance and visibility can be improved, and tune the optimization for better results.

  • 02.

    Post-Deployment HyperCare and Support

    Post-deployment of a new solution is a critical time for an organization. We provide a guiding hand-on care and support to ensure efficient adoption throughout the organization.

  • 03.

    Service Processes Optimization

    Fine-tuning of the Service Optimization logic.

  • 04.


    Detailed monitoring, analysis and reporting cycles to recognize aspects that can further enhance the efficiency of the operation and quality of service by taking your vision to its next evolvement phase.

Custom Development

Our R&D wizards will lead you through the innovation trail.

Tailored workforce management system development, leveraging the Salesforce platform and modules to deliver best of breed business solutions.

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