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Improve Your Field Service Management While Leveraging Past Investment

If your organization runs on ClickSoftware’s field service solution, whether in the cloud or on-premise, you know the clock is ticking. Within the long list of IT projects at hand, you also need to plan ahead to be able to keep your field service software running and optimized, enabling best-in-class customer service.

You have a choice to make:

You can decide on a long, complex, and expensive implementation, which means building everything from scratch, throwing away all investments already made in your current field service solution.


You can choose to make a fast and cost-effective transition from ClickSoftware to Salesforce Field Service Lightning, led by Asperii’s field service experts.

Time-efficient and cost-effective migration process results in an optimized FSL system that brings the most value to your organization

Asperii was founded by ClickSoftware veterans and our razor-sharp focus in the last 10 years has been on Click Products & Field Service Lightning implementations.

We’ve developed unique tools and “translation” methodology for the migration that stem from our comprehensive knowledge and hands-on experience of both platforms.

In very broad strokes, we first break-down your existing Click system into individual components, and then map how each component should be migrated to FSL, based on 5 paths that cover all possible migration scenarios.

This comprehensive methodology enables not only a time-efficient and cost-effective migration process but also results in an optimized FSL system ready to bring the most value to the field service organization.

The 5 Paths to a Successful Click-to-FSL Migration

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