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Event and Media Production Made Easy
with ShowRunner

Get 360o Visibility and Real-Time Management for Your Production 

When producing media and events, you need to coordinate lots of people, resources, locations, equipment, and facilities. From scheduling the contractors, catering, field personnel, booking locations, and allocating equipment, to a myriad of factors involved in every single production.

Meet ShowRunner, your media solution for full circle workforce utilization – easily plan and manage in-studio, off-site, and live broadcasting productions.

The production process may be difficult and full of surprises: complex coordination between multiple amounts of resources, needs and locations, contractors cancel, human errors and you need to deal with exceptions and no-shows. To stay on time and under budget, your organization probably uses a scheduling application, a resource management system, a calendar, and a project management tool. Managing all these applications and staying on top of the schedule can be a hassle. 

What if you could handle all of the production processes from a single system? A central platform to coordinate, schedule, manage resources, and make real-time changes?

Whether you produce a show, a sporting event, a live concert or a news broadcast, media production is time-consuming, complex and expensive.

ShowRunner, built on top of the Salesforce platform, is designed for television networks, production companies, broadcasting, and media organizations to allow them to centralize and simplify the entire production cycle.

What can you do with ShowRunner?

  • Optimize your in-house or freelance staff scheduling.
  • Streamline operational processes.
  • Get total visibility over workflows, enabling you to manage, assign, and change tasks in real time.

ShowRunner gives you a complete picture scalable, flexible system for unified, and efficient production planning and management

Save Time and Costs with ShowRunner’s Smart Templates

Generate demand quickly and efficiently. Use ShowRunner’s Smart Templates to plan specific events, such as Live Shows, Outdoor Productions, Media Events, Live Sports, News Coverage, and more.

  • Easy to customize or create new demand.
  • Get customization suggestions from the advanced dynamic system.
  • Fast end-to-end plan production. Every template includes resources, timeline, scheduling, and budget requirements.

Production gets Easier with Showrunner

Schedule Resources

Your days of chasing after contractors’ availability are ended. ShowRunner sends a monthly Call-for-Availability to independent contractors on your list, so they quickly schedule their availability for the project.

The ShowRunner app makes it even easier for contractors to send availability on the go.

ShowRunner creates the optimal schedule based on task requirements, skill match, and location.

  • Select the right contractors based on ShowRunner’s prioritized list of resources.
  • The system automatically sends an invitation to selected resources via the app to accept or decline the event.
  • Once booked, the resource’s schedule is blocked in the system.
  • Be prepared for those last-minute changes. ShowRunner sends reminders close to the event so your resources can confirm or request an exception.

Manage Events

Have complete visibility of all tasks, resources, and equipment for real-time event management.

  • Handle last-minute adjustments and requirements via the app. Send live notifications to resources and contractors to keep them updated.
  • Time tracking and reporting on the go via the mobile app.

Predict Optimized Demand

Optimize your productions and quickly get ready for future events. ShowRunner generates detailed reporting and optimized-demand predictions for future similar events.

ShowRunner analyses and optimizes:

  • Resource utilization
  • Time management
  • Equipment allocation
  • Budget

Manage your production process like never before.

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