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Asperii and Epoch Partner to provide Salesforce’s Epoch-ClickMobile Adapter

Asperii, a global Salesforce Consulting Partner with a focus on field service management, partners with Epoch Solutions Group to provide enhanced integration capabilities between ClickSoftware’s “ClickMobile” and Epoch’s mapping solution.

The Epoch-ClickMobile Adapter adaptor allows seamless integration between EpochField, a map-centric platform for field crews to access and view data and ClickMobile, a field service management mobile solution by ClickSoftware (recently acquired by Salesforce).

The adapter, uniquely suited for utility-focused companies, enables adding relevant data on top of maps used by field workers via the ClickMobile App. Such data can be power grids, electricity wires, sewage infrastructure, underground pipes and so on – data which until now was not available on map-centric forms for field workers.

Gilad Liptz, Vice President of Global Business Development at Asperii, says that “Once again Asperii is thrilled to have partnered with a leading force in field service management to allow organizations to take the full advantage of technology in order to deliver a new level of service, anywhere and anytime.”

“The Epoch-ClickMobile Adapter allows utility companies a new level control in the field,” said Gerry Hibbard, Executive Vice President of Sales and Alliances. “The ability to arm field workers with detailed data, of any kind, enables them to perform the most complex operations while being fully informed.”

Asperii provides the Adapter and can also provide the implementation and deployment services. Further enhancements for field organizations’ specific needs are on the roadmap.

For further details on the adapter, contact us.

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