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Asperii Labs is Live!

We’re thrilled to announce the launch of Asperii Labs, Asperii’s products, accelerators and add-ons, initiated based on our insights from tens of global field service implementation projects. Its mission is to bridge the gap between customers’ immediate needs for features and solutions and the Salesforce product offering.  

“Asperii Labs is a gamechanger in the world of Salesforce Field Service”, says Yaniv Butel, Asperii’s Co-CEO. “We’re combining our deep knowledge of the Salesforce platform, our field service know-how, and our understanding of what customers need, to drive both field service innovation and adoption of Salesforce Field Service.” 

Though officially launched today, the design and development of products by Asperii has been taking place for over a year now. This initiative is spearheaded by a strong product team, led by Erez Glinansky, Asperii’s Principal Architect, and Michal Walt, Asperii’s Product Manager and by our in-house development team led by Batel Shoval, Asperii’s VP R&D 

Currently, the product portfolio includes the following accelerators and add-ons: 

Click MigrationAsperii’s Click Migration solution enables quick, simple, and painless migration from Click to Salesforce Field Service. 

ShowRunner – Solution for Media Organizations: Asperii’s ShowRunner solution, built on top of Salesforce’s platform, is a scalable and flexible full-circle solution for media organizations to optimize their workforce utilization. It facilitates planning, scheduling, and management of production and live broadcasts for both in-studio and off-site filming. 

The Bundler: Asperii’s Bundler allows you to bundle multiple work orders together into a single work order. Once bundled, the work orders can either run automatically based on predefined attributes or be run manually by the dispatcher. 

Capacity Reservation: Asperii’s Capacity Reservation management tool provides the ability to plan and schedule service appointments based on a pre-defined number of Service Slots. 

Recurring Absence: Asperii’s Recurring Absence tool provides an easy option to manage the creation/deletion of multiple absence objects in Salesforce Field Service. 

Language Package: Asperii’s Language package is a complete language add-on for languages not currently included in Salesforce Field Service, Field Service Lightning, and Field Service Lightning Mobile. It includes pre-configured labels, layout, as well as adding a Gantt view option. 

Epoch Adapter: Asperii’s Epoch Adapter, uniquely suited for utility-focused companies, enables seamless integration between EpochField and ClickMobile. 

For more information about Asperii Labs, contact sales@asperii.com or click here to view our products.

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