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Moving Forward in Post-COVID-19 Field Services (WEBINAR)

Click here to watch the recorded webinar.

Featured Speakers:

Omer Vidan, Service Cloud AE, Salesforce
Yaniv Butel, CO-CEO,Asperii

In light of social distancing regulations, field organizations need to recalibrate their operation. The customer touch point, at home and office, has become more nuanced and requires adjustments of existing processes and newfound back-office flexibility in order to continue providing top customer service.

You are invited to participate in a joint Salesforce-Asperii webinar. Asperii specializes in Field Service Lightning and will present hands-on, optimization actionables to maximize resource utilization in the post-COVID19 era.

Topics to be discussed:

– FSL Intro
– Dispatching remotely
– Giving priority to prioritization
– Territory re-planning

This webinar will be held in Hebrew

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