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Transform Field Service And Customer Experience With Visual Remote Assistant

The world never stops working, no matter what is happening globally; people need fast and effective services available to them every time. Whether you are a product-based company or a service-based company, you need to work above your comfort to fulfill the customers’ requirements and deliver connected and highly customizable services for the growth of their business.

A lot has changed after the pandemic hit the world, especially how a business operates and delivers its services. Though users nowadays do not feel healthy about the in-person service, some customers hesitate to have the technician on-site. Businesses worldwide are thriving to deliver their services while considering all the safety requirements of their employees. And that’s where Visual Remote Assistant comes into the fray.

Visual Remote Assistance is a new and innovative solution that addresses safety concerns and ensures business resilience. It helps customers get the service they need while prioritizing safety measures and delivering exceptional experiences for both the employees and customers. 

Why Do You Need A Remote Support Software?

Today’s organizations are moving to remote support to reduce costs, improve the customer experience, and hike up employee engagement. Remote Support Software enables services or support anywhere, anytime without any physical contact or high-bandwidth internet connections. The private support license authorizes contact center agents and field technicians to solve customers’ issues via virtual real-time, guided interaction. It empowers experts to help technicians resolve on-site issues with ease. 

The advanced remote support software allows agents/technicians to see a customer’s physical environment in real-time with smart devices. Using augmented reality (AR), they can guide customers with on-screen graphical information over the object that requires service. They provide on-point & step regulated directions with annotations to resolve problems. Moreover, the service organization has access to the visual record for future reference. 

Visual Remote Assistant would be an effective solution for diverse field service organizations to quickly resolve customer problems without dispatching a technician on-site or using a hybrid approach, depending on the customer service request. Visual Remote Assistant is natively built on the Customer 360 Service platform. It provides you with a wide range of tools to integrate data with Salesforce Service Cloud, Salesforce Field Service, and all other third-party systems.

Key Benefits Of Visual Remote Assistant 

Apart from streamlined service delivery and boosting safety in real-time, the visual remote assistant services provide you with innumerable benefits. 

Some of the benefits of choosing visual remote assistant services are listed below:

  1. Enhances worker safety and creates employment opportunities

The real asset to the organization is its employees, and their safety is of top-most priority. Considering employee safety is crucial as it encourages employee loyalty through a mobile workforce. It is necessary to keep your on-site workers safe using a remote visual assistant as it supports credibility, accessibility, and drives sustainability.  

  1.  Maintain sustainability in Field Service

The remote visual assistant eliminates on-site service visits that help minimize the hazards encountered while traveling. Moreover, it helps preserve the environment and infrastructure of the company. For instance, if your organization deals with transportation, and only a few trucks roll out, it results in fewer emissions contributing to the environment. 

  1. Focus on creating jobs

Field service technicians are prone to work at locations exposed to heavy machinery, electrical equipment, and other life hazards. Unfortunately, most experienced and knowledgeable technicians walk out of the field services mainly because of the physical conditions, travel necessities, and other health concerns. While on the other hand, if you consider visual remote assistant services, it enables technicians to deliver field service without experiencing any issues. 

How To Get Started With Remote Support Software? 

When it comes to implementing remote support software, you can quickly & rapidly integrate it into your existing service console. Users can set up a virtual assistance session with a customer within the service dashboard with only a few clicks.

Furthermore, you can also deliver remote visual assistance from remote locations anywhere across the globe. The software is flexible enough and works effectively, even on low variable bandwidth connections. The tool automatically shifts the video quality from high to low or moves to still frames, depending on the bandwidth connection. Virtual remote assistance can quickly be launched from a web browser and doesn’t require additional software. Users need to just click on the link to start a remote private session. 


Even before the pandemic, the technology of computer vision in on-site services was upgrading. However, the epidemic has resulted in pacing up the process. Just like various other industries, the field sector has been increasingly focusing on enhancing the customer experience. As the world accepts the new normal, with the Salesforce Visual Remote Assistant, field service companies have more flexibility to deliver personalized customer service from anywhere, anytime while keeping both workers and customers safe.

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