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Unlocking Innovation and Collaboration: The Asperii-Salesforce Hackathon

At Asperii, we recognized the need for improved collaboration with Salesforce, a renowned platform that plays a vital role in our operations. We sought to bridge the gap between Salesforce product managers and our R&D team, facilitating direct communication and knowledge sharing. By fostering a deeper understanding of the Salesforce platform and its diverse requirements, we aimed to empower our teams to think beyond their day-to-day responsibilities. Our objective was clear: we wanted to encourage creative thinking, push boundaries, and explore new, innovative tools and solutions, including leveraging the power of Chat GPT, what else? 😊

One might wonder, what was the significance of incorporating the Salesforce point of view? The answer lies in the diverse perspectives these professionals brought to the table. While our developers are participating in projects, they have a somewhat limited view of the customer’s full requirements and business processes. That’s the reason we incorporated into the teams our experienced Principal Architects, Solution Architects and Business Analysts, to provide the full view of customer requirements and input. That expertise and practical knowledge blended seamlessly with the Salesforce Product Managers that brought their in-depth knowledge of the Salesforce platform and inside information regarding what is being worked on, what technologies are used, etc.

Their limited exposure to customers’ needs and the overall scope of projects sometimes hindered their ability to envision comprehensive solutions. This is where the Salesforce team’s product managers stepped in. With their extensive experience and regular interactions with customers across various industries, they possessed invaluable insights into what clients truly desired and identified gaps in the current landscape. This collaboration between Asperii and Salesforce allowed for a harmonious blend of expertise, resulting in complementary viewpoints that were mutually beneficial.

During the initial meeting between our teams and the product managers from Salesforce, a fascinating dynamic emerged. Some of our teams altered their ideas after engaging with the Salesforce experts, incorporating their recommendations or making adjustments to better align with Salesforce’s upcoming development. This synergy between our architects and Salesforce’s product managers proved instrumental in refining our ideas and ensuring their practicality. Although there were differences in perspective, the overall outcome was a mixture of viewpoints that enhanced our solutions rather than clashed with them.

So, how did this remarkable day contribute to our team? What were the tangible benefits of dedicating ourselves to this event? Firstly, we witnessed a significant improvement in our connection with Salesforce, establishing a stronger bond that will undoubtedly lead to fruitful collaborations in the future. Moreover, our developers had the invaluable opportunity to think beyond their immediate tasks, gaining a deeper understanding of customer needs and viewing issues from a higher perspective. The feedback we received from our team members reinforced the impact of this experience. Many expressed sentiments like, “We never thought about it like that,” highlighting the transformative nature of engaging directly with product managers and gaining insights previously unexplored. During the Hackathon, the element of fun was palpable. Engaging conversations flowed freely throughout the day, during breaks and sessions alike. Our team truly relished the opportunity to collaborate and innovate, fostering a positive and energizing atmosphere.

As the Department lead overseeing this event, I am thrilled with the remarkable success achieved. The level of engagement from both our team and Salesforce surpassed my expectations, and the feedback received from all parties was overwhelmingly positive. The resounding sentiment was the desire to repeat this experience, a testament to the immense value it delivered. Additionally, this Hackathon yielded several promising ideas that we can now develop to solve customer issues based on their actual needs. If we can harness even a single idea and enhance it to make a meaningful impact, we will have achieved the goals we set for this day.

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