An Electrifying Complex Task Logic

How we customized a scheduling logic to increase productivity

Success Indicators

20% Increase

Engineer productivity

25% Increase

Free hours to accommodate additional tasks

40% Increase

Government grant success rate

Project Intel

Scope: End-to-End Implementation
Focus: Resource Management
End Customer: Domestic / Commercial
Industry: Auto-Tech
Solution: Salesforce Field Service Lightning
Customization: Complex Task Logic

About Pod Point

Pod Point is the UK’s leading provider of electric vehicle charging. The company has manufactured and sold over 40,000 charging points at hundreds of charging stations nationwide.

Reasons for Approaching Asperii

Prior to contacting Apserii, Pod Point used stand-alone solutions for scheduling and inventory, while using Salesforce CRM. Pod Point wanted to consolidate its service and sales management under a single roof and bring in scheduling and inventory into the Salesforce platform to streamline operations and benefit from enhanced capabilities.

The Need

  • Track and optimize scheduling to enable more accurate forecasting.
  • Institute a clear checklist for technicians to follow in the field.
  • Monitor inventory to avoid costly parts and equipment sitting idle between jobs.
  • Maximize the success of applications for government grants claimed by the company on behalf of clients to help pay for their vehicle charging points.

What We Did for Pod Point

Asperii acted as a consulting and advising partner for the FSL implementation project, working closely with Pod Point’s management and R&D teams.

After conducting a workshop with the Pod Point to fully understand the company’s field operation and unique needs, we conducted a full analysis of the existing solution and performance. The result of all this was a comprehensive solution description and Field Service Lightning implementation guidelines.

We worked alongside the R&D team through the entire development process, assisting PodPoint with the design and implementation of Field Service Lightning.

Customization Spotlight

Asperii designed for Pod Point a custom “complex task” logic. The logic required to accommodate that a task can have sub-tasks performed by different engineers and requiring different parts. The logic needed to combine the scheduling and inventory modules to result in scheduling multiple resources and inventory items for a single task.

Results: How Pod Point Works After Asperii

  • Utilization data gleaned from Field Service Lightning is used to draw insights regarding the connection between work type and revenue generation
  • Forecasting based on accurate job-time-estimates allows creating schedules weeks in advance
  • Analyzing performance metrics per-engineer, and per region
  • Jobs are broke down to individual tasks with the parts needed for each task
  • Inventory is automatically updated based on field usage
  • Engineers are able to efficiently collect information relevant to grant application to help customers claim government funding for their charging points

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