Simplifying Workforce Scheduling Management

How we streamlined field service management to boost efficiency and customer satisfaction

Success Indicators


of future headcount

Reduction in stock inventory

due to real-time updating from the field.

Increased visibilty and control

of operations management

Project Intel

Scope: End-to-end customer experience
Focus: Real-time scheduling, optimization, intelligence, and reporting
End Customer: Commercial
Industry: Purified Water Solutions
Solution: Salesforce Service and Field Service Lightning

About Strauss Water

Strauss Water Ltd., part of the Strauss Group, is an international provider of purified drinking water solutions, including water bars for in-home and business use. Strauss Water is an international corporation with 14,000 employees in 18 countries, has been in existence since 1971, is traded in the Tel Aviv Index, and has extensive partnerships around the globe.

Reasons for Approaching Asperii

Strauss Water wanted to move from its antiquated field management system to a next-generation cloud-based system as part of an overall digital transformation initiative. The Company first upgraded its CRM system to Salesforce and then proceeded to upgrade to Salesforce’s Field Service Lightning, as their Field Service Management solution.

The Need

  • A corporate-level decision was taken not to do any FSL customization, but to instead use only the native system capabilities, including the mobile app. The logic behind the decision was to retain the ability to upgrade to every new FSL software version, and the benefits it brought with it.
  • The new solution was required to easily scale alongside the number of company employees and field personnel and needed to be able to add additional modules in the future.
  • The solution needed to adhere to the union agreement in place, in terms of regulations like the number of weekly hours, number of jobs per day, daily breaks, etc.
  • Strauss Water required seamless integration with all current and future backend systems.
  • The previous inventory synchronization system was not real-time which resulted in many failures, constant delays in reporting, and too much time was wasted fixing the synchronization problems. The new solution would need to synchronize with inventory in real-time.

What We Did for Strauss Water

Our Solution Components Include:  

  • Automated Scheduling
  • Real-time Reporting
  • CRM Integration
  • Mobile App

  • Asperii conducted multiple workshops to gather data and conduct an analysis of the Strauss Water service framework. 
  • Asperii created an automated scheduling and routing system for three field resources: installers, technicians, and maintenance technicians.
  • The system served two types of backend professionals – back office and call center – with each one connected respectively to the Service and Sales department. 
  • Asperii also deployed a system for the Strauss Water Control Center.  
  • Working within the native functionality constraints, Asperii utilized FSL to the utmost, deploying native capabilities such as geographic location filtering and the ‘shelf’ scheduling policy for both company workers and customers through the company website.
  • One of the most advanced native FSL utilizations was the mobile app. Asperii was able to build an exceptionally complex business logic with only the internal FSL features. 
  • Rollout was done in several stages: service Breakfix, then installers, and then maintenance, with each category rolling over several weeks according to geographical location.   

Customization Spotlight

Asperii created an automated scheduling and routing system to help field service technicians with work assignments. We utilized Field Service Mobile app capabilities that bring the power of field service with smart scheduling and resource management to mobile devices. The field service management and analytics reporting solutions were implemented to get instant status on business operations in real-time to deliver faster and smarter service and resolve customer issues and problems quickly.

Results: How Strauss Water Works After Asperii

  • A reduction of future headcount estimation to be 25% due to increased utilization of the existing workforce.
  • Increased visibility and control of operations.
  • Improved scheduling and forecasting.
  • Reduction in inventory stock due to real-time updates from the field.

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