From Fully Manual to Fully Automated

How we transformed a field service operation to increase efficiency on all fronts

Success Indicators

+10% Increase

Work time at customer sites

17% Reduction

Travel time

26% Reduction

Fuel usage

12% Reduction

Labor costs per work

60% Reduction

Supervisors’ time onsite

75% Reduction

Office visits by field teams

Project Intel

Scope: End-to-End Implementation
Focus: Scheduling
End Customer: Domestic / Commercial
Industry: Managed Services
Solution: Salesforce Field Service Lightning
Customization: Proof of Service Module

About JustAsk

JustAsk Estate Services is a leading facilities management company providing services to over 120,000 homes and institutions in the UK. Services provided: facilities management services such as cleaning services, grounds maintenance, security and concierge services, waking watch fire services and environmental services including pest control and tree works.

Reasons for Approaching Asperii

Prior to contacting Apserii, JustAsk used a manual scheme for schedule planning. Schedules were then uploaded to the system for an entire year and needed a developer to apply changes, often after they already occurred. Failed sites were reported on the end of each day, too late to affect in real-time, and there was no GANTT visibility for service completion.

As JustAsk initiated a strategic business expansion, they realized they needed a Field Service Management solution that is scalable and could manage and optimized the automated scheduling and routing of and expanding team of field personnel.

The Need

  • Manage and optimize schedules and routing for 600 field personnel working across 200 teams
  • Ability to optimize Team Schedules for ad-hoc response work
  • An FSM solution that can support scaling
  • Full integration with Salesforce CRM

What We Did for JustAsk

Asperii acted as the lead for the FSL implementation project, working closely with JustAsk’s management team. 

After conducting a three-day requirements workshop with the JustAsk to fully understand the company’s field operation and unique needs, we conducted an in-depth analysis of the existing solution and performance. The result of all this was a comprehensive solution description and Field Service Lightning implementation guidelines.

Customization Spotlight

Asperii designed for JustAsk a custom “Proof of Service” module. The module allows field personnel to report back in real-time with a photographic proof of service completed. The module was designed to enhance the customer experience by providing immediate confirmation of a job well done.

“We thought we were running a tight ship, but streamlining the way we deliver services enabled us to increase efficiency and reduce resource use to an extent we couldn’t imagine was possible."

Yan Simpson
IT Development Manager

Results: How JustAsk Works After Asperii

  • Utilizating Field Service Lightning for automated scheduling and routing for an expanding team of field personnel
  • Team Schedules are optimized for regular and ad hoc response work
  • Schedule details are sent directly to field personnel’s mobile devices
  • Routing is automated and optimized with tasks allocated based on proximity
  • Productivity of workforce and service duration monitored both in real-time and over time
  • Photographic proof of service is sent to customers immediately upon job completion

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