Taking Care of Caregivers

How We Leveraged Salesforce Field Service for a Non-Standard Use Case

Success Indicators

Improved scheduling efficiency

Automated matching of resources and clients

Significantly reduced time

Project Intel

Scope: End-to-End Implementation
Focus: Recurring scheduling
End Customer: Domestic
Industry: Health Care Services
Solution: Salesforce Field Service
Development: Live-auction module

About Danel

Danel is one of the largest and most established home healthcare companies in Israel. With a focus on the nursing and welfare services sectors, Danel currently employs hundreds of social workers and nurses, and tens of thousands of caregivers, throughout Israel.

Reasons for Approaching Asperii

Scheduling for Danel was an incredibly challenging and time-consuming process due to its massive workforce of thousands of resources – patients and caregivers – and a complex set of requirements and skills that needed to be cross-referenced to find ideal matches. Danel was searching for a system that would enable them to factor in a wide range of patient and care-giver variables to create ideal matching and scheduling for both patients and caregivers. 

Additionally, field service management systems are designed to accommodate one-off servicing appointments. Danel required a system that would not only simplify management of the initial pairing of caregivers and patients but maintain recurring appointments from week-to-week.

The Need

  • Optimization and time reduction in the matching process between patients and caregivers
  • A system that would accommodate and support Danel’s complex client acquisition flow
  • Ability to allow recurring scheduling within the system
  • Ability to create demand and book contract workers for ad-hoc appointments
  • Mobile App UI optimization for non-technical workers

What We Did for Danel

We designed a completely customized Salesforce Field Service Management system that would include dozens of unique skills for caregivers and patient requirements. Once the caregiver and patient data was inputted, Danel could run a query to find a caregiver for a specific patient and the system would automatically suggest a list of potential caregivers based on the variables such as location and availability. The system will initially look for a 100% match. If no match is found, it will search again for a 95% match and will continue searching until it finds the most ideal match possible.

Alongside, we developed an auction-type module for the demand generation and booking of real-time ad-hoc appointments with contract workers.

Customization Spotlight

In addition to their internal workforce of caregivers, Danel also utilizes a vast network of contract workers. The contract workers step in when a caregiver is unable to attend a scheduled appointment. Since these cancellations can happen close to the scheduled appointment, Danel needed a real-time tool to find and book replacement caregivers from the pool of contract workers. Asperii developed a customized live-auction engine so that when a cancellation occurs the system searches for ‘lookalike’ matches. When candidates are identified, a text message is sent to them with the appointment details. Whoever replies first, wins the appointment.

Results: How Danel Works After Asperii

  • Increased scheduling efficiency through automated caregiver and patient matching
  • Significant reduction in the amount of manual scheduling needed.
  • Variables such as patient preferences, caregiver skills, location, and availability, are now used to find an ideal list of caregiver matches for each individual patient.  
  • Live-auction style app to book replacements in real-time for canceled appointments among contract workers

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