Transforming Resource Scheduling with Asperii

A Deutsche Technikberatung GmbH Case Study

Success Indicators

Seamless & Automatic Compliance with laws and regulations

significant increase in Operational efficiency

enhanced Customer Service

improved Visibility and Control

Full transition Manual to Fully Automated

increased Employee Satisfaction

Project Intel

Scope: Design and develop a mechanism to allow flexible, yet restrictive scheduling
Focus:  Salesforce Field Service
Industry: Technical consultation and support
Solution:  Design, development

About Deutsche Technikberatung GmbH

Deutsche Technikberatung is Germany’s premier technical consultation firm, known for providing in-home technical assistance. Their tech-savvy consultants specialize in troubleshooting and installing a wide range of devices such as PCs, laptops, smartphones, tablets, TVs, and smart home systems. Catering to a primarily domestic clientele, their operation relies heavily on flexible, part-time workers to deliver their services.

The Challenge: Scheduling Amidst Complex Constraints

DTB’s business model depends on the intricate juggling act of accommodating the flexible schedules of part-time workers – such as students or individuals seeking supplementary income – while respecting European work regulations and personal preferences. Think of a university student who, due to regulations or contracts, can only work on specific days without exceeding a monthly earning or weekly working time limit.

The inherent challenge of this model manifested as an inefficient overbooking of some resources while underutilizing others. Consequently, considerable effort was expended manually rebooking assignments, resulting in operational inefficiencies. Another issue was managing and solving the complexity of transforming the first estimation of appointment duration when both the actual travel time and time on site can only be guessed and then replacing those values with the actual times later on. Recognizing the need for a solution, DTB turned to Asperii, their trusted partner from a previously successful project to solve these intricate scheduling dilemmas on top of the Salesforce platform and Field Service solution.

The Asperii Solution

The goal was to create a mechanism that could support flexible working hours, enhance employee satisfaction, and automate processes to improve operational efficiency while ensuring compliance with regulations.

We at Asperii, leveraging our expertise in Salesforce Field Service, conducted a meticulous gap analysis between DTB’s needs and existing product capabilities. Presented various techniques and performed proof of concepts for each option. After weighing the pros and cons, DTB selected a custom-designed solution with a long-term view of achieving maximum efficiency and cost savings.

This custom solution integrated with Salesforce Field Service supports and manages:

  • Different daily, weekly, or monthly work limits while ensuring availability.
  • Various wage and work limits based on hours or salary.
  • Employee self-service for adjusting preferences and limits.
  • Real-time tracking of travel and work time for scheduling and booking.
  • Dynamic reassignment of appointments to optimize resource usage.
  • Automatic adjustments to calculations during the booking and scheduling process to reflect real-time work scenarios.
  • Automatic adjustments after work completion to reflect actual time spent.
  • Visualization of overbooking or underbooking through dedicated reports and dashboards.
Till Steinmaier-Co-Founder/CEO at Deutsche Technikberatung GmbH

“In today’s world of shortage of skilled workers, we need to be able to utilize the full spectrum of legal employment types available in the markets we operate in. Targeting part time workers has been the pivotal decision that helped us to get where we are today. The solution provided to us by Asperii ensures that complying with the different strict legal constraints doesn’t come with huge efforts of manual maintenance. We now can rely on the intelligent algorithms to take care of the heavy lifting, so that we can take care of the business.”

Till Steinmaier
Co-Founder/CEO at Deutsche Technikberatung GmbH


The results of implementing Asperii’s solution are transformative:

  • DTB experienced a significant reduction in time spent by back-office staff on scheduling, leading to enhanced customer service.
  • Operational efficiency was bolstered as back-office staff could focus more on exception handling.
  • Employee satisfaction increased, as part-time workers could confidently align their work with their other life activities, secure in the knowledge that the system respects their preferences and adheres to the law.
  • The transition from manual to fully automated, self-service scheduling was successfully implemented.
  • Compliance with laws and regulations became seamless and automatic.
  • Travel expenses were minimized through continual schedule optimization.
  • Managers gained improved visibility and control of real availability and resource allocation based on optimized scheduling.

With the help of Asperii, DTB effectively transformed a significant operational challenge into a strategic advantage, demonstrating the value of aligning technology with complex business needs. With this solution, it is now easy for companies to add and manage a flexible workforce to their personnel while ensuring rigorous compliance when necessary.

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