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How to Recruit a Talent?

Recruiting great people is never easy and these days, with covid-19 restrictions, it can be even harder. 

I believe that our flexibility in remote work along with great opportunities for professional development within the company and our 30-60-90 days training plan is what helps us succeed in hiring talented people. Add to that an amazing group of people and a dog-friendly environment and you’ll get a winning company to work for.

A little about Asprerii 

Asperii is a global Salesforce partner and system integrator focusing on Service Cloud and field services. We combine strong R&D capabilities with Salesforce expertise to deliver cutting-edge, innovative projects. 

Established in 2011 by senior ClickSoftware veterans, Asperii has deployed over 50 worldwide top-tier solutions for companies in diverse industries, ranging from small providers to global corporations. 

What we offer 

Currently we have more than 30 open positions globally in the Professional Services and R&D departments along with Sales and HR. 

Due to the massive growth we’re experiencing at Asperii, and the fierce competition for resources in the market, we’ve decided to expand the HR department and hire 2 more team members to help us with hiring and onboarding new team members. 

Why working at Asperii is more exciting now than ever 

I think the most important change we’ve experienced in the past 2 years is the implementation of the hybrid work model – where employees get the flexibility of working from home and office. Along with this change, our onboarding process was also modified to this new model – from sending equipment home to scheduling remote bootcamp training and mentoring sessions for a smoother start. 

Another interesting change that is happening at Asperii is about company culture and our goal of creating more connected and engaged employees. In the past 2 years, we’ve opened offices in the UK and Germany and also started hiring remote employees all over the United States, integrating a diverse and multicultural staff to learn and work with.  

Keeping our employees happy and engaged is our top priority. We found out that remote monthly gatherings and happy hours are always important and fun, but we also need some face-to-face time- and when the borders are open, we fly out and meet the teams in person.  

On that note here is a little tip for recruiters: lead the interview with confidence- if you want to attract top talents, you must be able to communicate how special is your company and why this job is the best fit for the candidate. 

And also, a tip for candidates: have a real conversation- show of your personality, speak about your accomplishments, and don’t use your CV as a script.  

New HR trends in the market: 

  1. The hybrid office– with Covid19 still around us, we are able to offer a flexible workplace, hire remote employees in every location, adjust the nature of our work to the situation and save time in meetings.  

The drawback of this new model is less face-to-face collaborations. HR will need to maintain a workplace that helps teams stay connected regardless of where they sit, and work on better engagement to the company’s values and goals.  

  1. Competition will continue to be a challenge- smaller companies  will need to put more efforts in talent acquisition- be more open to diversity, hire and train motivated and entry-level candidates. 

Also, they need to invest more in retention plans- making sure you stand out from the large companies, by building stronger career paths and recognition plans for example.  

  1. Focus on employee’s wellbeing– companies will have to invest in real work-life-balance and the mental health of their employees- making sure everyone feels safe to share their feelings and opinions, and lower the stressful environment they work in. 
  1. Human Resources analytics– shift from being focused only of soft people skills to data driven department. The world has become too unpredictable, so, by using data, you can make better decisions and build strategies for hiring and onboarding employees. 

One sentence that guides me in my work- People first. Be open and honest as possible in your work and treat your employees with respect. 

A little about Nili Tschelak, Asperii’s HR Director
Nili holds a BA degree from Bar Ilan University in Political Science and Strategies. 
With more than 10 years of experience in HR and Operations functions in the Hi-tech industry, Nili started working at Asperii more than 3 years ago when the company had 20 employees and built the HR department from scratch- with processes, methodologies and hiring more than 100 employees.  
The HR team also grew within the company and now have 4 amazing team members who help and support our employees and managers to build a strong company culture. Oh, and we’re hiring more HR functions to join our team! 

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