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When Field Service Isn't In The Field

What do dog grooming and dialysis have in common?  If posed that question, most people would probably say “Absolute nothing, and why are you asking me that anyway?”  However, posed with that same question, Asperii would say “we see an opportunity to have a conversation about field service!”

Why is that, you ask?

Well, both items mentioned above involve a service that is being provided to a customer, and both require intelligent scheduling logic to ensure the right company resource is being matched to perform that service. 
Right up the alley for Salesforce Field Service, right?

Wait a minute though, both of those services are traditionally provided with a customer coming into a facility, as opposed to a company resource going out to visit the customer, so how is field service relevant if the element of ‘field’ is nowhere to be found?

Great question! Let’s dive a little bit deeper

Conventional thinking is that the term “field service” generally describes organizations that send people out to their customers’ sites to perform some kind of service.  For most organizations that is true, however, some organizations have their customers come to them.

At its core, field service management is about matching a request for service from a customer to the right resource, and possibly equipment, which has available capacity to perform the service. While traditional field service usually involves dispatching the resource and equipment to service the customer, the same challenge applies to organizations providing services to customers who are coming into a facility.

This creates an opportunity for organizations to leverage Salesforce Field Service to manage the resources, human and machine, and optimize their ability to deliver many services to their customers in a timely fashion. Using the intelligent scheduling and optimization capabilities of SFS, we build solutions that allow users to accurately schedule services based on available capacity in the service center, while also considering the available capacity of a technician with the right skills to perform that service.   

Asperii implements in-house service solutions for organizations that provide a wide variety of services, with dog grooming and dialysis being just two of our many success stories. These solutions result in measurable improvement in performance for businesses, through increased utilization of facilities and better matching of the skillsets of the technicians. And since these are built leveraging Salesforce Field Service, the entire history of the services provided to the customer is visible to everyone on the platform, thus enabling a true 360-degree view of the customer that extends to services after the initial sale and increases customer satisfaction, company efficiency and overall revenue.

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