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Salesforce Winter ‘24 Release Notes for Einstein/Einstein GPT Review

In 2023, AI has evolved into an indispensable tool woven into the fabric of daily life, streamlining tasks and augmenting human capabilities. That sentence was, in fact, written by ChatGPT when prompted with “AI in 2023”.

Generative AI and large language models (LLMs) have been the talk of the town.

It wouldn’t be 2023 without particular attention to the paradigm-shifting technology of generative AI and large language models (LLMs).

Salesforce has been working on AI features for over a decade, slowly adding and improving its Einstein features. However, only in this Winter ‘24 release do we see Salesforce double down on its investment in generative AI and Einstein GPT, with new features being released every month.

Here’s a list of the most exciting Einstein features coming to Salesforce in this Winter ‘24 release:

Search – Einstein Search Answers (Pilot)

  • A new pilot feature that allows agents to type a question directly into the global search bar and Einstein Search Answers will surface the relevant text answer extracted from your org’s English Knowledge Articles

Sales – Einstein Conversation Insights (ECI)

  • ECI is a conversation intelligence add-on that gives Salesforce users insights into customer calls with features like call recording, call transcript, automatic keywords, etc.
  • In this Winter ‘24 release, ECI will now leverage Einstein GPT to create an automated summary of your calls.
  • Users can edit or add to the summary as needed. Supported in English only for the moment.

Sales – Einstein GPT for Sales

  • Let’s start saying goodbye to email templates – Einstein GPT will be embedded directly into the email composer so Salesforce users can easily generate personalized customer emails.
  • Users will select a relevant prompt to let Einstein GPT know the type of email you’re trying to send (follow-up, meeting invite, etc.) and it’ll generate the appropriate email response with merge fields already baked in.

Service – Case Work Summaries

  • Generative AI technology has proven particularly useful in summarizing text, so Winter ‘24 will give us another feature for Service Cloud users to summarize a customer’s chat session automatically.
  • Einstein GPT will attempt to discern the customer’s issue, the resolution and the conversation summary, each captured in a respective custom field.
  • We wonder when Work Summaries will support Email rather than just Salesforce Chat, as a majority of Salesforce customers predominantly use Email-to-Case over Chat.

Service – Einstein Service Replies

  • Also utilizing Einstein GPT in the Salesforce Chat space, Service Replies is a new feature that will draft real-time chat responses to your customers for your agents to edit as they wish.

Service – Einstein Conversation Mining

  • Although “conversation mining” sounds a bit sinister, this feature can be extremely helpful in surfacing insights from your customer conversations. This can inform your marketing and customer service teams on several levels:
    • What FAQs can we create to help optimize customers’ self-serve?
    • What internal Knowledge Articles are we missing?
    • How can we improve our Bot to handle these recurring topics?
  • Winter ‘24 will let you mine both Email and Chat conversations.
  • In the example from Salesforce below, we see that 10% (or nearly 800 chat sessions) were about English premier league soccer and lasted an average of 5 minutes.

Field Service – Work Order Brief

  • Continuing to leverage the power of text generation AI, Work Order Brief is a new Field Service feature that summarizes a job’s key details into bullet points and adds the summary to the top of the job detail page in the Field Service Mobile App.
  • What’s unique is that it extracts information from various related objects, not just the Work Order record.
  • Mobile workers will be able to vote on whether the brief was helpful or not.

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