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Salesforce Winter ‘24 Release Notes for Service Review

There’s no question Salesforce Service Cloud is a one-of-a-kind product. For the last three years, Service Cloud has surpassed Sales Cloud to become Salesforce’s best-selling product and it now accounts for over 25% of the company’s revenue.

In this Winter ‘24 release, we see several noteworthy Service Cloud enhancements. We’ve summarized the most exciting and useful features for you below:

Enhanced Omni Channel

  • Omni Channel is essential to successful Case management in any organization. In Winter ‘24, we see powerful visual enhancements to both the Omni Channel widget and Omni Channel Supervisor.
  • The Omni Channel widget is getting an enhanced UI with an inbox-style experience and improved performance (screenshot below).
  • In addition, agents will now be able to pause work while they handle other urgent items.
  • And finally, a new feature for Omni supervisors to define “interruptible” capacity.
    • With Omni Channel’s current static capacity, agents can only work on a defined number of work items (Cases, calls, chat, etc.) at a time.
    • For example, this can be hugely detrimental to efficiency if one or more of your Cases get stuck on hold and the agent can’t receive a new Case since their capacity is full.
    • Interruptible capacity solves this by defining how many work items an agent can take on beyond their static capacity. So that the next time a Case gets stuck, the agent’s capacity can be “interrupted.”

Enhanced Omni Channel Supervisor

  • The Winter ‘24 release introduces an Omni Channel Wallboard for supervisors to see a single-page dashboard with real-time metrics about their agents and work items.


  • Salesforce has been making an ongoing effort to create a seamless integration between Salesforce and Slack.
  • Swarming was introduced in early 2022 as a way for Service Cloud agents to quickly and easily collaborate with their colleagues over Slack to resolve customer issues.
  • The swarming feature also changes the way we think about solving complex customer issues. Instead of agents reassigning Cases in a hierarchical service model, swarming encourages agents to solve a case from start to finish by collaborating (swarming) with various experts along the way.
  • Winter ‘24 sees some useful additions to the Slack integration, such as attaching files to Slack directly from the Service Console and using @mentions to notify swarm members in Slack also directly from Service Cloud.

Email Composer

  • Winter ‘24 sees an upgrade to the docked and Case feed email composers. New features include full-screen mode, undo/redo actions, emoji picker, drag & drop attachments, and many other formatting improvements.

Enhanced Quick Text

  • The Enhanced Quick Text picker makes finding and using preconfigured text templates easier and faster, with several improvements to folder navigation, search and template selection.

Chat & Messaging Enhancements

  • Present your customers with Terms and conditions that can be accepted before starting chat and messaging conversations.
  • You’ll be able to customize your pre-chat form using Lightning Web Components
  • In-app and web messaging is getting partial support for right-to-left languages (like Arabic and Hebrew)
    • It means your customers can see conversations, automated messages and estimated waiting times in their language. However, Einstein Bots are not yet supported and agents do not see a right-to-left display.

Service Cloud Voice Enhancements

  • Improved sleek UI to track multiple calls and take actions (screenshot below).
  • For customers with Amazon Connect, supervisors can now listen in on calls directly from Service Cloud without having to navigate to Amazon Connect.
  • Pilot feature: If your CTI provider supports this feature, in Winter ‘24, you’ll be able to use Omni Channel skill-based routing to route calls to agents with the relevant skills.

Incident Management

  • An interesting new feature that lets your business easily and automatically email customers about a product incident. For example, if a specific product becomes defective, a Service Cloud user can send a broadcast email to a list of customers who own the product, informing them of the defect and subsequent actions.

Service Intelligence Dashboards

  • Service Intelligence is a set of prebuilt yet customizable Case dashboards meant to surface insights into your Case stats, Omni Channel agent performance, or conversation mining (see our Einstein post to read more about conversation mining).
  • According to the notes, this feature will arrive “later” in the Winter ‘24 Release at an additional cost.

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